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Playfulness and respect are the watchwords for Operajazz – a musical world between Puccini and Ellington performed by two individual instrumentalists with strong expressions and scenic presence. An alluring constellation that opens minds to new impressions

Ellinor Schüller is an operasinger with a wide range and relevant experience from among others the Royal Theatre in Copenhagen and Malmö Opera. She is a soprano and works as a soloist in both classical repertoire and experimentally in free projects.

Cennet Jönsson is part of Sweden’s established jazz elite and is referred to internationally as “one of the few artists that lifts the soprano saxophone to a higher level.” He is also an awardwinning composer and popular teacher.



EVENT Unexpected entertainment for parties, weddings, happenings, conferences, etc. The duo Operajazz delivers scenically appealing hits from the world of opera mixed with jazz classics and improvisations, specifically formulated for each individual occasion. Thanks to the duo’s dynamic style, they can perform almost anywhere and are usually not dependent on sound systems (depends on each local condition). An unexpected and appreciated event, at highest musical level.

SACRED A program based on Duke Ellington’s Sacred Concerts, which are mainly directed at churches, about 45 minutes. Immortal songs like Heaven,  Almighty God and Come Sunday are presented here in new interpretations with accurate musicality and atmospheric groove. The duo presents the program as an individual concert, or collaborarets with the Church’s own staff.

CONCERT A concert of Operajazz is a mixture of everything that the duo has to offer. From delicate harmonies to scenic expressions, free improvisation and tonal battle. All in the world between Puccini and Ellington where famous songs and arias are the foundation of the program. Total concert time is about 1 hour, and as always, the duo is responsive and open to cooperation with both the organizers and colleagues.


OPERAJAZZ was born at a mingleparty in Lund early summer 2011. It was the musicarchaeologist Cajsa S Lund who at that occasion hired the two artists to a joint performance of the ”Call from the Nightguard” from the roof of Lund City Hall, an assignement of honor for decades. The first number performed by the duo was Madama Butterfly´s aria from Giacomo Puccini’s opera. During this period Ellinor also worked as a producer at Musik i Syd and Cennet prepared the Kopafestival, an international jazz festival in the fall.

OPERAJAZZ´ first performance was a success and immediately taken up by Q-day, a nonprofit organisation deeply rooted in business, science and culture with sharp future focus and goal to locate points of intersection and development in all sectors of society. A statement in a larger shape that matches the cell size of Operaazz. The unique feature of the meeting between the two artists ist the striving to let the two solo instruments take equal places and the challenge to help not hinder eachother. The goal inevitably encounters problems when both genres, instruments and soloists have strong individual stories and sounds. Dissonances arise, aswell as harmony and unison sections. Taken together this emerges progress and new musical dimensions if you do´nt give up. The aim of Operajazz is to illustrate and inspire to courageous meetings that can give unprecedented fruit.

OPERAJAZZ acquired new assignments and also applied for funds to expand the repertoire of the Future Lund (a merger of Lund Municipality Culture & Leisure and former Culture of the Future). The application was granted, and the winter of 2012 the duo made an interpretation of Duke Ellington’s Sacred Concerts which was performed for the first time in Lund Cathedral April 1, 2012. Since then the duo continously develop their repertoire consisting of famous opera arias and jazz classics performed with a personal, musical, theatrical, humorous and improvisational sense.


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